Charting History

This page of the Historical Map and Chart Collection is dedicated to highlighting a series of maps and/or charts on a rotational basis. 

This featured report contains a collection of historically significant Coast Survey charts and documents “Nautical Charts Contribute to Economic Growth and National Defense


Charting a More Perfect Union

A collection of Coast Survey maps and sketches throughout the Civil War.


New York Bay and Harbor

This collection illustrates the changes in design of nautical charts over the years.



Surface Currents of the Great Lakes

A book published by the Weather Bureau about currents of the Great Lakes, deduced from the movements of bottle papers during the seasons of 1892 1893 and 1894.


King Plats of Washington

A collection of reprints by the Coast and Geodetic Survey from 1884 of King plats of Washington, DC which were originally made in 1803.


International Boundary, Along the 141st Meridian

A set of maps prepared for the International Boundary Commission detailing the boundary between The United States and Canada from the Arctic Ocean to Mount St. Elias.


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